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  • A photo of 4 halloween stickers. 1 a zombie bee text on sticker reads 'Zombee.' 2 a broom stick text reads 'Witch & Famous.' 3 a skeleton text reads 'Wanna Bone?' and 4 two bees with sheets on their heads text reads 'BooBees.'
  • A photo of a skeleton sticker. Text reads 'Wanna Bone?'
  • A photo of a sticker of two cartoon bees with sheets on their heads. Text on sticker reads 'BooBees.'
  • A photo of a vinyl sticker. It's black. White gothic font reads 'Witch & Famous.'
  • A photo of a fun sticker. There's a green dishevelled cartoon bee on it. Text below reads 'Zombee.'
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Halloween Vinyl Sticker Bundle

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Ideal for fans of halloween, all things spooky, and a little bit punny!

Our sticker packs include 4 Premium Vinyl Stickers:

  1. Wanna Bone
  2. BooBees
  3. Witch & Famous
  4. Zombee

Our fun stickers are:

  • matte finish
  • waterproof
  • weatherproof
  • dishwasher safe
  • scratch and fade resistant

Perfect for:

  • water bottles
  • travel mugs
  • cars
  • windows
  • phones
  • laptops
  • and a multitude of other objects/places.

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