Hi! I'm Sheri Stranger and I'm the creative force behind Blue Rocket Gifts. 

I seek to delight, engage and entertain you with my series of cheeky and playful greeting cards, stickers and other novelty goods. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than making people laugh.  My wish is that you get a good laugh and share it with a friend. 

I'm a firm believer in the power of art and laughter as a positive coping tool for mental wellness. I credit my artistic and comedic outlets for helping me to "live my best life" while living with chronic anxiety and PTSD. I hope to inspire you to find your own creative outlet.

When I'm not creating, I enjoy spending time with my partner Richard, our two sweet and goofy dogs, Indi-Bins & Maggie-Moo and cheeky black cat, Lord Spiffington, at our rural home & studio outside Toronto, Canada.

Maybe I'll see you 'round the shops, or hit me up in the chat on our website or via email or DM on social. I'm always here to help and would love to connect with you.

-Sheri, Artist, owner and pun lover.