Welcome to Blue Rocket Gifts!

Hey there, lovely people! I'm Sheri Stranger, your go-to Canadian artist and designer, here to sprinkle some joy and mischief into your life with my quirky greeting cards and other goodies. I'm all about making you grin, chuckle, and maybe even snort with my playful illustrations, digital collages. and graphic designs. Who doesn't love a good pun or a clever play on words, right?

I create in my cozy studio just outside Markham, Ontario. Yep, that's just an hour's jaunt from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. But I'm not alone in this creative bubble! I share my space with a sassy black cat, two goofy dogs, and my partner-in-crime, Richard.

Join me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bluerocketgifts), Twitter (@gifts_blue), and Instagram (@bluerocketgiftscom)!