Combined Shipping

Combined Shipping Discount Codes are for orders that combine letter mail products (cards, stickers, prints, keychains*) with parcel mail products (mugs, candles).  Unfortunately, Shopify is limited in its ability to calculate shipping when an order contains a mix of shipping types.

To resolve this issue we give customers a discount code to offset the overage of shipping costs.

If your order contains all letter mail products OR all parcel mail products it will automatically calculate the correct combined shipping total.

              *keychains ship as parcel items outside of Canada.

How do I get a Combined Shipping Discount Code?

Step 1: Add the items you would like to your cart.  Proceed to check out entering your email address, name and shipping address.

Step 2: Before payment
Click on the "Chat with us" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Message us your name. We will view your cart, calculate your actual shipping and give you a discount code to ensure you are not overpaying for shipping!  If you've paid and then realize you wanted a Combined Shipping Discount Code, just reach out and we will refund you back any shipping overages.

If we are not online at the time of your message we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Usually within a couple of hours from 10am through 8pm Eastern Time*  please note Ontario, Canada still observes Daylight Savings Time.  Ya, those wacky Canadians, eh?