A photo of a mothers day card. It has a mom in a super hero outfit flying. Text reads, Mom You're My Hero.

7 Funny Things About Moms

Moms. We love them, we appreciate them, and we couldn't survive without them. But let's face it, they can also be a little bit... well, quirky.

Here at Blue Rocket Gifts, we prize naughty and cheeky observational humour. From mom’s strange idiosyncrasies to their unique sense of humour, here are some funny things about moms that we can all relate to:


1.      Mom-isms:

Every mom has their own set of unique phrases and sayings that they like to use. From "because I said so" to "money doesn't grow on trees," we all know these classic mom-isms that we heard growing up.


2.      The Mom-look:

You know the one. The look that can make you instantly regret whatever you just said or did. It's like they have the power to see right through you with just a glance.


3.      The Over-Prepared Mom:

Moms are always thinking ahead and trying to make sure that we have everything we could possibly need. Need a tissue? She's got a whole pack in her purse. Thirsty? She's got a water bottle. You get the idea.


4.      The Mom-Jokes:

Moms have a unique sense of humour that is both cheesy and endearing. From "I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I'm right" to "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it," we all have a few mom-jokes that we love (and cringe at) at the same time.


5.      The Embarrassing Mom:

Let's face it, moms have a talent for embarrassing us in front of our friends and significant others. From showing baby pictures to telling embarrassing stories, they always seem to find a way to make us blush.


6.      The Guilt-Trip Mom:

No one can lay on the guilt quite like a mom. From reminding us of all the sacrifices they made for us to guilt-tripping us into calling more often, they know just how to get us to do what they want.


7.      The Mom-Hugs:

Finally, we can't forget about the best thing about moms: their hugs. Whether we're happy or sad, moms always know how to give the perfect hug or to say something that makes everything better.

The Bottom Line on Moms

Moms are not only the best, they're also the funniest. They have their own unique quirks and personalities that make them one of a kind.

So, next time your mom does something that makes you laugh, take a moment to appreciate it, and all the funny and wonderful things that make her so special!

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