About Us

Blue Rocket Gifts is a small Canadian business, owned and operated by artist, Sheri Stranger.

Sheri Stranger is a Canadian artist and designer who seeks to delight, engage and entertain with her series of playful and cheeky greeting cards and other paper goods. Her joyful illustrations and digital designs* remind us to notice life’s simple pleasures, such as the joy of a good pun or play on words!

Sheri lives and works in her rural home and studio space located just outside of Markham, Ontario, Canada (about an hour north of Toronto), and shares a household with a cheeky black cat, two sweet, goofy dogs and her partner Richard.

You can find Blue Rocket Gifts at www.bluerocketgifts.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bluerocketgifts. on Twitter @gifts_blue, on Instagram @bluerocketgifts, on TikTok @bluerocketgifts

*Digital Designs - some of our digital designs may include elements created by another person. In these instances, the elements have either been obtained from the public domain or have been licensed for our use.