Our Playful Tips to Get You Through Wedding Season

Our Playful Tips to Get You Through Wedding Season

Here are Blue Rocket Gifts we understand the awkwardness that may come with wedding season — especially if you’re flying solo, or you're going to a wedding where you know very few people! While most ceremonies and receptions are fun affairs, some weddings can be a tad uncomfortable.

Don’t worry! The Blue Rocket Gifts team have got your back! Here are our quick tips for making it through wedding season relatively unscathed.

The Outfit Dilemma:

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be more stressful than picking out your own outfit for prom. Do you go for the classic little black dress, or do you risk it all with a bold floral print that screams "I'm here to party"?

Either way, don’t wear jeans or a white gown and pray whatever you wear is not the same as the bridesmaids.

Navigating the Small Talk Minefield:

Congratulations, you've made it to the reception! Now prepare yourself for the dreaded small talk with distant relatives, old classmates, and that one guy who insists on telling you about his pet iguana.

Smile, nod, and try not to make any promises you can't keep about meeting up for brunch next weekend.

The Battle of the Buffet:

Ah, the wedding buffet: a battleground of epic proportions where guests jockey for position like it's the last supper on Earth. Will you risk it all for a second helping of mashed potatoes, or will you play it safe with a single cocktail shrimp and a roll?

Choose wisely, my friend - avoid anything overly garlicy and anything super saucy - unless there's someone vying for your attention and you want to turn them off, in which case - load up on that aioli!

The Dance Floor Disaster:

It's time to bust a move on the dance floor, but beware: there are no survivors in the Electric Slide. Tread lightly, lest you find yourself in the middle of a conga line or worse, doing the Macarena with your great aunt Mildred.

The Drunken Declarations of Affection:

As the night wears on and the drinks flow freely, prepare yourself for the inevitable drunken declarations of love and affection from guests. Smile graciously, accept their slurred compliments, and make a mental note to avoid them at future family gatherings.

And if you notice people smiling and nodding at you, ask yourself, am I the one declaring my affection!?

The Hangover from Hell:

Congratulations, you survived another wedding! Now prepare yourself for the mother of all hangovers as you nurse your regrets and sip electrolyte drinks like they're going out of style. Remember, there's always next weekend's wedding to look forward to!

So there you have it, folks: your survival guide for navigating wedding season like a pro. Remember to pace yourself, keep your sense of humor intact, and above all, never underestimate the power of an open bar.

Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

If you have any questions about our cheeky, punny and cute anniversary and wedding cards — reach out! We’re always happy to help. You can contact us here.

And if you've made it this far, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post where we share out top six wedding cards for 2024!

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