Our Favourite Dadisms - Is Your Dad Guilty of These Dad-Habits?

Our Favourite Dadisms - Is Your Dad Guilty of These Dad-Habits?

Dad’s … providers, protectors, role models … and occasionally slightly embarrassing. It’s likely the fatherly figure in your life, is guilty of one or two of what we’ve chosen to call "Dadisms." Often humorous and endearing sayings, expressions, or habits that dads commonly use.

Here at Blue Rocket Gifts, we’re big fans of cheesy groaners, whether they’re silly sayings or comedic habits. So much so, we’ve made a list of our favourite classic dad sayings or habits that you might make you say, ‘that’s my dad!’

Ultimately, dads have a special way of injecting humor into everyday situations. So let’s dig in to some universally heard dad phrases!

Funny Dad Quotes

  • "I'm not sleeping; I'm just resting my eyes." Dads often say this when caught napping on the couch or in front of the TV.


  • "When I was your age..." A classic way for dads to share their nostalgic stories and highlight the differences between their generation and yours.
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees." A timeless reminder to be mindful of spending and appreciate the value of money.

  •  "I’m not lost; I’m just taking the scenic route." Dads tend to be optimistic when navigating through unfamiliar places or getting lost during family road trips. You might even have one of those dads who refuses to ask for directions. Sigh!

  •  "I'm not yelling; this is my normal talking voice." Dads sometimes use a louder tone without realizing it, especially when trying to get everyone's attention.

  •  "I'm not a regular dad; I'm a cool dad." A humorous attempt to stay connected with the younger generation, often (hopefully!) used ironically.

  •  "Ask your mother." A classic way for dads to delegate questions or requests to the other parent.

  •  "Back in my day ..." Similar to the "When I was your age" dadism, this one often precedes a tale of the challenges they faced in their youth. We get it, dad. You rode a penny farthing to school and everything cost a nickel back in the day!

  •  "Because I said so." The ultimate dad response when a child questions the reason behind a rule or decision. You really can’t argue with ‘Because I said so.”

  • "I'll tell you when you're older." Dads sometimes use this phrase to avoid explaining complex or uncomfortable topics to younger children.

A photo of two different Father's Day Cards.

Not only are dad’s guilty of the above commonly heard sayings, but they also have some personality tics and habits that make dads … dad!

Funny Dad Habits and Personality Quirks

Not only are dads guilty of common cheesy sayings, but they also have some personality quirks that are synonymous with dad life.

Dad Jokes:

Dads are notorious for their corny and pun-filled jokes, often met with eye rolls from their children.

Take for one: ‘What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? …. A stick.’ Grooooooannnn.

Silly Dances:

Dads might break out into spontaneous and awkward dance moves, especially during family gatherings or celebrations.

DIY Mishaps:

Dads sometimes take on ambitious do-it-yourself projects, leading to comical results that the family may have to fix later.

Grill Mastery:

Many dads take immense pride in their grilling skills, often claiming to be the "Grill Master" and offering questionable cooking advice.

Tech Troubles:

Dads may struggle with the latest technology, leading to amusing moments of confusion with smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets. Upside down video calls, ‘Can you hear me?’ and accidentally hanging up on me are all things my dad’s guilty of.


Dads love to impersonate celebrities, characters, or even family members, adding a touch of humor to family gatherings.

Car Sound Effects:

Dads may make funny engine or tire screeching sounds while driving, turning a simple car trip into a mini adventure.

Unique Driving Habits:

Dads often have distinctive driving styles, whether it's singing loudly to classic rock songs or maintaining a steady commentary on traffic, taking umbrage when they’re overtook on a quiet country road.

Punny Comments:

This one we can get behind! Dads love wordplay, and they often come up with puns or witty remarks that leave their kids either laughing or groaning. In case you missed it, we shared some of our favourite dad jokes on our blog post last year!

Unique Fashion Choices:

From wearing socks with sandals to sporting outdated fashion trends, dads sometimes make bold style choices that elicit laughter from their families.

For dads who don’t embrace a unique fashion sense, they’ll likely have embraced a daily outfit, Homer Simpson style. A rotating closet of plaid shirts perhaps?

The Observer:

Is your dad guilty of hovering in a doorway while you watch TV? They don’t quite sit down, yet they also don’t commit to watching the show with you. Bonus points for the dad who asks questions and throws in comments and feedback about the show, too!

The Bottom Line on Dadisms

Dadisms are often delivered with a mix of humor, wisdom, and a touch of nostalgia, making them a memorable part of the father-child dynamic.

These funny quirks and antics make dads endearing and create lasting memories that families often cherish. While some of these behaviors may be a source of gentle teasing, they also contribute to the unique charm of each dad.

Whether you’re a new dad, or a grandparent — we hope you enjoyed this read! If your dad is guilty of some of these habits, why not send this post and give them a giggle?

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