Looking for a Punny Wedding Card? See Our Top 6 Picks for 2024!

Looking for a Punny Wedding Card? See Our Top 6 Picks for 2024!

Ah, wedding season. That magical time of year when love is in the air, and your weekends are booked solid with ceremonies, receptions, and the occasional awkward dance floor encounter.

Whether you're a seasoned wedding guest or a newbie navigating the treacherous waters of open bars and small talk, fear not! We’re here to share our Top 6 Wedding Cards each peppered with cuteness, humour (or both!), scoring one thing off your wedding to do list!

Without further ado, here are our Top 6 Wedding Cards from Blue Rocket Gifts for 2024.

Wedding Card Number 1: Our New ‘Yay! An Open Bar’ Card

Let’s face it, weddings are nice and everything, but having an open bar (whether you drink alcohol or not) is a perk! For one, drinks are free! For two, going to get a drink gives you an ‘out’ from awkward conversations!

That said, our new 'Yay! An Open Bar' card is perfect for those who appreciate a good laugh and a great drink, this card playfully acknowledges the joy of both the big day and the free-flowing spirits.

Inside, you'll find plenty of room for your heartfelt (or humorous) message. Ideal for friends who know how to throw a party, this card is sure to be a hit – just like the open bar!

If you're looking for a wedding card that's not sappy and a little funny, this is it!

Wedding Card Pick Number 2: Another Newbie, Our ‘Just Meowied’ Card

If the couple are cat enthusiasts … this is the card for them! Featuring the cutest feline duo, this card is sure to hit the sweet spot for pet pawrents who love to talk about their cats.

Shop this wedding greeting card here.

3. Another Super Card for a Wedding – Our, ‘Holy Sh*t, You Did It!’ Card

Great for the couple who have been engaged for eons! This card is also likely to garner a chuckle if the couple are into naughty humour. Pictured above!

Card Pick Number 4: Our ‘Toast to the Happy Couple.’

If the happy couple are fans of puns (who isn’t?) this cheeky slice of melba toast is sure to get a giggle!

Shop our ‘Toast’ greeting card here.

Our Fifth Pick: You Two are Mint to Be

The cutest garnished, garnishes you’ll ever see! Our You Two Are Mint to Be card is an oldie but a goodie in the Blue Rocket Gifts line of wedding cards.

Number 6: Our Penguin Love

We’re ending on a cute, sappy note here. If the couple have a soft spot for all things cute, this together forever penguin card is sure to make them all warm and squishy inside.

The Takeaway on Our Top 6 Wedding Cards

We hope our Top 6 Wedding Cards gave you a little inspiration on cards to send this wedding season.

It can be hard to find a card that isn’t overly sappy, especially if you don’t know the couple too well. Hopefully one of our picks got the cogs turning a little!

You can see the rest of our wedding and anniversary cards here.

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